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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Ergonomic Pistol Grip Style Revolutionizing the Computer Mouse

From Medical News Today:

ErgoLogical a Dallas TX, based company specializing in Ergonomic Peripherals has announced that it has begun marketing its new “non-painful” computer mouse called the ErgoPointer. A hand held, ergonomic pistol grip shaped mouse that is designed to reduce or eliminate pain such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, stress, fatigue and other musculoskeletal injuries that are commonly attributed to the use of a computer mouse.This “mouse” features a thumb operated 360 degree, pressure sensitive directional controller on the top. Applying additional pressure will increase the speed of the curser. The current model also has two buttons on the front representing the left and right mouse buttons.The new patent pending “mouse” is designed to be held in the palm of your hand and operates with minimal effort. The device is designed to allow the user to maintain optimal ergonomic positioning of the hand and fingers. The ErgoPointer can be held in any virtually any position you choose as it is not surface dependant like standard computer mice.The company has plans to produce other products in the near future such as ergonomic gaming controllers for console games such as the Sony PlayStation and the Xbox by Microsoft. The company will also begin selling wireless versions in the first quarter of 2005. For more information about the ErgoPointer you can visit or contact the company directly at 214-823-2111 or 580-477-1836.ErgoLogical4144 North Central Expressway, Ste 518Dallas, TX. 75204Phone: 214-823-2111Fax: 214-823-2254William Baker – 580-477-1836


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