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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Major Medical Breakthrough In Computer and Gaming Devices

For Immediate Release: Saturday, July, 16th, 2004
Major Medical Breakthrough In Computer and Gaming Devices New Ergonomic Hand Held PC Mouse alternative and gaming controllers helping productivity, stress, fatigue and many other symtoms of RSI and ergonomic issues. Ergological has announced a completely new ergonomic hand held gaming controller. The company which specializes in ergonomic engineering has a patent pending handheld line of controllers is being sold worldwide to gaming enthusiast as well as computer users. Egological who's headquarters are based in Dallas TX claims their ergonomic hand held controllers as being a answer to RSI (repetitive stress injuries) from the computer mouse and standard gaming controllers. These controllers are hand held and create little or no strain to operate. They fit comfortably in either hand and have a directional controller operable by the thumb on the top of the pistol grip like device with 4 buttons on the front and 4 buttons on the side for gaming hotkeys. These controllers are based on the original gaming controllers such as the playstation and playstation 2 controllers as far as functionality however the ergonomic hand held controllers increases ones ability to maneuver faster and more accurately and access the buttons faster and easier. One can play games with our controllers for hours longer and most achieve greater accuracy and faster operations through the ease of use and locations of the buttons which are positioned in a natural manner in order to more easily actuate. Ergological also has released its Truly ergonomic hand held computer controller line labeled The PC Handle. The PCHandle is a pistol grip like controller that is built to fit very comfortably in most peoples hands. There are currently 2 button type controllers with a tracking ball on the top which is manipulated by the thumb. The inventor of the product suffers from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and authritis which encouraged him to build a more human compatible controller as the old mouse was the cause of his carpal tunnel syndrome. Mr. Baker the companies founder and Chairman is excited to have the opportunity to change or even revolutionize the mouse and gaming controllers that we use today. These controllers greatly reduce or eliminate carpal tunnel syndrome pain as well as authritis pain. Mr. Baker notes that thousands of people a day must seek help for repetitive stress injuries and that gaming controllers and computer mice are some of the largest causes in the world. The PC Handle and the Game Handle are expected to replace the mouse and standard gaming controllers for such console games as the Sony Playstation and the Xbox by Microsoft. The company also plans to soon release a controller that is compatible with both the PC and the Gaming Console. The companies website is the only outlet PChandle and GameHandle for sale at this time via their shopping cart . The Gaming controllers are currently retailing for 49.95 and the PCHandle is retailing for 49.95. The company is selling these as fast as they can make them. The computer and gaming market was ready a long time ago for drastic change. The companies founder notes that he tried to get the mouse manufacturers to run with the idea but it became apparent that should they begin selling his line of controllers that it would certainly make their current products that they have advertised and vested millions in inventory obsolete. They certainly got it. We are seeing dramatic sales and are currently backordered


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